Renewable Energy

The workshop will aim to answer some of the most pressing questions of our times regarding renewables:

  • Is there a place, a need for a more diversified renewable energy mix in Hungary?
  • Does the market needs discriminating prices for renewables based on technology?
  • How to bring e-storage into play? Perhaps some of the incentives aiming the support for renewables should be migrated to encourage the development of the production and utilization of energy storage?
  • Finding a role in Hungary for green certificates, bringing Hungarian renewables into the „go” (guarantee of origin) market.
  • The utilization of blockchain as a new infrastructure for managing supply chain, finances, and is there any awareness of the renewable power production based crypto currencies?
  • How to create more engagement with the general public on renewable initiatives, and take green energy beyond the grid?
  • What Hungary got right, what Hungary got wrong? What are the capacities, and competencies that are missing in the Hungarian development class to be more competitive?