Unconference – The future of utilities – Reframing questions

Before going straight to the future, it’s worth stepping back for a minute and taking stock to know where exactly are we today. Everything seems to be in a flux, where it is virtually impossible, even unreasonable, to pay the same amount of attention to all the relevant questions and ideas that come our way. Our first task may rather be to transform our map, to understand how things work and behave as an ecosystem, connected almost in an organic way. It is key to develop an intuitive understanding of the complex and networked cause-and-effect dynamics between our behavior, available resources and assets, and to turn that understanding into knowledge and motivation actually working for us. Because we all must formulate the essential questions to stay focused and “future fit” at the same time. Our moderated Unconference workshop will help you ask the vital questions, explore their nature and the potential answers in the company of those who are shaping the tomorrow of this region in this industry.
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