Ákos Füzi

Energy Economist, IP SYSTEMS Ltd.


Ákos Füzi is one of the founding owners of IP Systems. They develop and operate information technology platforms for the liberalized energy market. Winner of a number of innovation awards, the company is a significant player on the Hungarian market today, but is also known abroad. In 2017, under the brand name Navitasoft, they opened offices in Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Serbia and Ukraine.

Ákos Füzi has worked for 10 years at one of the largest domestic pharmaceutical companies, Richter Gedeon. He led the company’s representation in Tokyo for 4 years. The expert is committed to Japanese management methodologies promoting quality and business usability, and has applied them from the very beginning at IP Systems, that now employs 150 people.

The engineering and energy economist expert considers the dissemination of bilingual education a mission, so through the bilingual.hu educational program finds native English-speaking teachers for nurseries and schools.

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