Dávid Ungár

Renewables expert

David Ungar is an executive director for GHG Mitigation and Sustainability for ACWA POWER, an international power company set to deliver electricity and desalinated water at the lowest possible cost.
Earlier he was advisor to AGL from Australia, IFC and the World Bank Group. For over a decade he directed AES Corporation’s global sustainability activities and headed AES Climate Solutions business in the EMEA region.

A member of IETA, he has developed, structured and sold all available carbon reduction based commodities: most notably the first AAU and the first international EU ETS transactions.
For the last 15 years, he took part in the COP negotiations, advised several European governments, lectured on the industry at events organized by bodies such as the Governments of Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, UK, UN, UNIDO, IETA, etc. He has marketed and transacted close to 100 million tons of carbon instruments and helped develop 2500+ MW of renewable projects.


Renewable Energy

The workshop will aim to answer some of the most pressing questions of our times regarding renewables: Is there a place, a need for a more diversified renewable energy mix in Hungary? Does the market needs discriminating prices for renewables based on technology? How to bring e-storage into play? Perhaps some of the incentives aiming […]