Each workshop will host 20 participants – please secure your place by registering.

“What if?” – Workshop

We start the day with a special conversational workshop, allowing participants to explore ideas and share thoughts on probably the most intriguing and important questions of our days. Finding answers for these are not only challenging for us as experts, but will also most likely determine and shape our collective future. The conversations will be facilitated by internationally renowned experts and supported by carefully designed infographics to help visualize the complexity and interconnectedness of each issue, serving both as foundation as well as a guide for our explorative journey into the future of utilities.

We offer you a choice of exploring one or more of four urgent, fundamental and uavoidable shifts impacting future utlity industry players:

We will aim to capture the collective wisdom of our conversation circles, by articulating 4 short statements for each theme, outlining solutions and trends that may have the deepest impact on sustainable energy economy, as well as synthesising the paths that may have the greatest potential to drive the future of the utility sector. These “minifestos” will of course be shared with all our participants, allowing further exchange of ideas.