Dialogue on Your Future – an extraordinary classroom experiment with TED lecturers

Our dedicated homeroom class session will be realized with the participation of 100 high school classes. Our goal is to bring the exciting world of thematic professional conferences and symposiums straight into the classroom.
In the framework of this session, students will be able to attend the conference online: more precisely, an internationally outstanding professional talk of paramount importance for their own future. At the same time, they can discuss the contents of the lecture among themselves, elaborate on their opinions, and use the tools provided by the digital network to share their views on the issues related to their future with the participants of the conference.

With our initiative, we create an opportunity for the acclaimed practitioners and scientists of the present to engage in meaningful dialogue with the currently still learning experts of the future. Our goal is to build a bond between the generations: to provide an opportunity for creative exploration, cooperation and thought sharing.
We wish to create a heterogeneous community space and medium, where future and present professionals can think together about the important issues of their future: our platform allows generations to gain insight into each other’s ways of thinking and enables them to learn a lot from each other.