László Mérő

professor, research psychologist, writer


Mérő László

László Mérő is an Eötvös József Prize-winning research psychologist and science author, professor at Eötvös Loránd University and Babeș–Bolyai University, cofounder of the company Darwin's Marketing Evolution, and trainer for executives at KÜRT Academy.

His books analyze the quasi-rational mechanisms of people and the nature of rationality. Beyond professional circles, he is best-known for his works written mainly for a wider intellectual audience, such as Habits of Mind and Moral Calculations that made him world-famous. The latter was also published in numerous translations, and was awarded The Year's Scientific Book Prize in Germany in 1998.The Logic of Miracles was published in English this year by Yale University Press. His latest book, Eightfold Way is about developing mental flexibility.

László Mérő obtained his MSc in Mathematics in 1974, and got his PhD in Artificial Intelligence. At present, he is working on the technological development of memetic marketing research, which has served as the basis for the memetic communication of such well-known brands as SAP, K&H, T-Mobile, MOL, OTP, L'Oréal, MVM or E.ON.