Péter Pusztai

Renewable Energy Market Expert, Solar Markt


Co-founder of Solar Markt Péter Pusztai is also a co-owner and MD at BNRG Greenevolution.

He completed his business studies at Szombathely and gained experience in project development, including licensing, contracting and financing. Until 2016, he worked for Global Capital Finance international investment bank for over 12 years, focusing mainly on investments in the renewable energy sector. He ventured into the Solar Markt business in 2015. The primary strategic target of the uniquely integrated holding, carrying out renewable energy investments in Hungary, is solar energy. Currently, they are implementing two solar power plant developments. As a result of these projects, they will hand over a plant rated at 3.8 MWp and another one at 5.5 MWp nominal peak capacity in Western Hungary.

Péter Pusztai is a renewable energy market expert and his vision is the best combination of environmentally-conscious technology and investment efficiency worldwide.

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