The goal of NKM Hackathon competition is the support of such front-line ideas and solutions that, with sustainable operation, can mean real changes in energy and utilities sectors, as well as revolutionize or ease the inner operational processes of a greater company and increase its business or market-reach results. You may apply with a new technological solution, mobile application, IoT, Fintech, Big Data, blockchain systems or a unique energy saving process.

The competing young talents, startup teams, developers and innovative professionals – with the help of product- and business-developer mentors and the challenge calling representatives of the industry – will collectively create innovative solutions in a certain topic of the field, within the frames of an intensive developers’ sprint in 72 hours.

During the competition, the aim of the 20 participating teams – selected from the candidates and their ideas – is to create an MVP, Minimum Viable Product, or a prototype for the solution of the sector-specific challenges, elaborated by NKM.

As the co-curators of Hackathon, we invited such well-known professionals and professional organisations whose names and professional acknowledgement guarantee that after 72 hours valuable results, prototypes and validation will born.

  • Courtney Gras – Pervious systems engineer of NASA, founder of Design Flux Tech that revolutionized the substitution of physical inverts and software directed storages. She was named a “30 Under 30” by Forbes in 2016, and regarding Midwest Energy News, she is one of the “Top 40 Under 40” professionals, dealing with green technology. She is a born entrepreneur and mentor, and the author of the book “Entrepreneur is a Verb”.
  • Tamás Péter Turcsán – Founder of The Connect East Incubator and main organizer of Hackathon-in-a-Box. The opinion leader of the startup world in Hungary and a serial entrepreneur. In the university and enterprises innovation event-series, he organized thirty eight greater regional Hackathon events with his team so far (for Intesa San Paolo, Nestlé or Generali, amongst others), during which more than eight hundred idea-prototypes were born with the cooperation of the nearly 1500 participants.
  • Tamás Müller – besides Hackathon-in-a-Box events, he has been organizing his international mentor programme, “Women Startup Competition”, for female entrepreneurs and startups throughout Europe, from London to Moscow, mentoring and supporting more than 700 European teams.
  • Millenáris Startup Campus – one of the biggest coworking and startup societies of the region and the latest meeting point of tech companies and events in Budapest. Its mission is to create a supporting environment for the different actors of the ecosystem, to develop the local scene and the visibility of Budapest on the international startup map. Working as a professional contributor, besides, granting an inspirational venue, Campus also helps the organization of Flux Hackathon with reaching the suitable talents and startups.
  • TXD Impact Design – founded by curators of TEDxDanubia, Pál Honti and Csaba Mányai, synthetizing decades-long multidisciplinary research and business experience, TXD Impact Design is a high-end agency with a unique approach and methodology that helps achieving transformative impact and success. We believe in a clear 20/20 vision of the future, where we avoid both the short-sighted pitfalls of “action without foresight” and the long-sighted trap of “vision without a roadmap”.

Following the 3 days work and presentation, the award giving ceremony will take place in the Flux conference on the 4th of October.

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