Ruben Bántó

ITIL expert, chief operating officer


Bántó Ruben

Ruben is chief operating officer at Electromega Kft. that deals with the development and production of electric propulsion vehicles. Under his leadership of Electromega's R&D and innovation team, the company has launched such world-class products as commercial vehicles with a Scania chassis that are not only green in their fuel consumption, but are much more reliable and have lower maintenance costs, with zero emission and silent operation.

Ruben started his career as change manager at IT Services in 2010, then continued as project manager at BT ROC Hungary. He joined Electromega in 2016, after gaining considerable professional experience in the information technology industry, managing international projects and working groups.

Ruben Bántó earned his degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at Wesselényi Reformed College in Zalau, Romania. Before commencing his career, he graduated from Babeș–Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca in Theology and Hungarian Language and Literature in 2007. He is a versatile, creative person: religion teacher, poet, painter and blogger whose community-building work is reflected in the business world through religious and cultural life. Ruben is a father of three, a girl and two boys, and also supports the management of an orphaned children's foundation.