Szabolcs Balogh

engineer-physicist, e-mobility division leader


Balogh Szabolcs

While Szabolcs Balogh is an engineer-physicist and biomedical engineer, business development, finance planning and energy trading are also parts of his diverse portfolio. Currently he is the executive director of NKM Mobility Ltd. As the leader of the e-mobility division, his mission is to build up and successfully maintain this field in NKM National Utilities Ltd.

Following the completion of his MBA at the Technical University in Budapest and Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, he started working on telecommunication projects at Ericsson at the end of the 1990s. He then joined CEMEX – one of the leaders of cement industry – as an advisor and worked in the USA, Latin America as well as the EMEA region, witnessing the company going global. Then he switched to energetics and became a staff member of Prague Energy Exchange. At the end of the decade, he published his article “Electronic energy trade on easily intelligible way.” He was the marketing director of MOL-CEZ European Power Hungary, when he became one of the leading experts of MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd., then of NKM National Utilities Ltd. too. As a person of active societal engagement he is a founder of Q.E.D., a talent fostering foundation.