Vencel Bíró

economist, engineer-lawyer, Managing Director


Vencel is the Managing Director of MIVÍZ Kft. His task is to reorganize the company according to the needs of the owner Miskolc Holding Ltd. and the development of centralized systems such as procurement and corporate services. He constantly seeks solutions to the problems and challenges of the sector, that can be adapted to domestic circumstances based on models that operate successfully in other countries.

He began his executive career as managing director of Deltagáz Gas Supply Co., but between 2002 and 2003 he was also commissioner in charge of energy concepts and gas price regulation at the Ministry of Economy and Transport. In addition to his work in the energy sector, he has been managing water utility projects for six years as a board member. He became managing director of MIVÍZ Kft. in 2016.

Vencel Bíró began his higher education at Veszprém University of Chemical Engineering, where he first earned a chemical mechanical engineer, then a chemical engineer degree. This was followed by a college degree in foreign trade, and then an MSc in economics at the University of Economics. He complemented his degree in engineering with a degree of engineering and law from the Faculty of Law of ELTE University.